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8 & Under (previously sub-bantom)

9 – 10 (previously bantam)

11-12 (previously midget)

13-14 (previously youth)

15 -16 (previously intermediately)

17 – 18 (previously y. men & women)


1oo Meters

200 Meters

400 Meters

800 Meters

1500 Meters

4×100 – 4×400 – 4x 800 Meter Relays


Long Jump/Triple Jump

High Jump


Javelin/Mini Javelin

Shot Put

Pole Vault

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Training Schedule

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Pre-season Training begins SUNDAY’S October 8
Junipero Beach @ 8am
One Junipero Ave. (at Ocean)

Long Beach CA 90803


St. John Bosco High School
13640 Bellflower Blvd.
Bellflower, CA 90706

January 2, 2018
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday – 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

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Push Track Club Fees


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Total Fees: $400.00 for New Athletes / $375.00 for Returning Athletes
Non-refundable Deposit: $225 (Includes refundable $50 volunteer deposit)
All deposits due no later than January 9, 2018. If received
after January 9, 2018, first payment will include the minimum
deposit in addition to the first $75 installment payment.
Pay-in-Full Discount: $50
Sibling Discount: $25 sibling discount (2 sibling max).
1st Child: $400.00 for New Athletes / $375.00 for Returning Athletes
2nd Child: $375.00 for New Athletes / $350.00 for Returning Athletes
3rd Child or more: $350.00 for New Athletes / $325.00 for Returning Athletes
Installment Payments: $75 each (Due on 1/16/2018, 2/6/2018, and 2/27/2018).
Training Only: $300.00
All fees must be paid by the deadlines above. If payments are not received by the agreed
upon deadlines, athletes cannot participate in any practices or meets unless fees are paid
in full. Any additional payment arrangements must be addressed directly to the
Treasurer, and must be approved by the Board.
The Club Fees include the following costs:
 USATF Membership
 AAU Membership
 Participation in USATF and AAU sanctioned track meets
 Entry into the Association and Regional Meets for all Qualifiers
 Covers all your practice sessions, provided by dedicated coaches
 Insurance at all track meets and practices. Registration fee also includes automatic
coverage under the USA Track & Field/AAU Group Accident Insurance program,
which protects against any accidental injury the athlete may sustain during
participating in and traveling directly to and from a USA Track & Field/AAU
sanctioned event or the organized scheduled practice of a USA Track & Field/AAU
member club.
 Uniform
 Warm-up
We accept checks, cashier’s checks, money orders or credit card payment only; no cash
for fee payments. All money paid is considered nonrefundable. Make all checks payable
to Push Track Club.

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[mk_button dimension=”savvy” size=”x-large” url=”http://pushsp.com/track-and-field-schedule/” align=”center” fullwidth=”true”]2018 Track and Field Schedule (Coming Soon)


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Complete your registration payment. Easy.


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