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At PUSH we are committed to providing a positive environment where our participants develop and enhance their track skills. They will learn teamwork  respect and discipline, which are the essential skills needed to compete effectively at the next level. We firmly believe that team building also helps to develop our youth both emotionally and socially. As coaches who also mentor our participants, we build positive self-images and strive to reach athletic goals and achievements.  We are also a 501(C)3 track club.  (Cerritos Push Track #80-0892472)


Our program runs year-round. The Regular track season commences early January and ends late July/early August each year depending on how far our participants progress to the Elite track venues such as the Junior Olympics. The Cross Country season will begin in  August and ends in December.   Our post season training is incorporated into our summer camp program and we also offer monthly training sessions for a monthly fee. Many of our athletes who are in other sports outside of track and field utilize this program to keep fit and to prepare for their in-season sport. Our pre-season track training typically begins the first week in October through to the middle of December which incorporates strength and core workouts to include hill runs and strength training.

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